Teen Invisalign in Plano, Texas

Invisalign Teen Provider - Plano Texas

Certified by Invisalign as a Preferred Provider, David Wilhite provides Invisalign for teens in Plano.

Teens have traditionally been the most common recipients of standard metal braces in order to straighten their teeth. With the Teen Invisalign system, teenagers can now straighten their teeth using the nearly invisible straighteners from Invisalign.

You will never need to feel self-conscious from the metal braces in your mouth. You will be able to remove your aligner when you want to eat, drink, or brush your teeth. It’s so much easier to live with besides being less noticeable.

Invisalign Teen also has “compliance indicators,” which are blue tabs on the aligners that fade with wear. These tabs help the dentist, parents, and also you to monitor adequate wear time track your own progress.

Invisalign Teen
Teen Invisalign